Background: In this research project you get to first research and learn about your destination and chosen topic, and then design a wellness activity/attraction/experience to take place at Rancho Humo and/or throughout the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone. These wellness experiences will be developed for NC students and later incorporated into a final itinerary for the NC BWR Wellness Retreat planned for winter 2024. This final step will be completed by Visit Costa Rica which is a DMC that works with NC BWR.


Each group will choose ONE topic from the list: “Proposed Research Topics” file. You will explore and research this topic in detail, then create a PP slide deck with informative presentation, plus 1 page resource list of min. 10 peer-reviewed academic sources. Each group will then present in class (max 10 mins), followed by Q&A from the professor (about 5-10 mins). You may not use any devices or notes during your presentation other than the actual PP slide deck. Presentations will take place in class on the following two dates:

Thursday, November 2: 6 group presentations

Thursday, November 9: 6 group presentations


Blue Zones Netflix Documentary:

Blue Zones – Live Better, Longer:

The Secret of Nicoya’s Blue Zone:…

CR through the lens of Procomer:

Procomer is the agency in charge of promoting Costa Rican exportations of goods and services:

Drone footage of Rancho Humo and surrounding national parks: bc32da25b5

Rancho Humo Estancia:

You can choose your team of 3 members by clicking on the “Group Self-Enroll” tab on Blackboard.

Requirements: 500   |   .doc file