Please answer the following questions on world literature postcolonialism writing question in as much detail as possible. Make sure to answer ALL PARTS of each question:

Each answer must be at least THREE double-spaced typed pages with Font 12, Times Roman.

Question 1: (100 Points)

What is your general understanding of postcolonialism? Please discuss the significance of native cultures using Chinweizu and Ngugi Thiog’O’s essays from the reader. Please also incorporate a discussion of P’Bitek’s two poems.


Postcolonialism: (Links to an external site.

Chinweizu: (Links to an external site.

Ngugi: (Links to an external site.)

P’Bitek: (Links to an external site.)

Question 2: (200 Points)

In reference to World Literature Postcolonialism, in what sense, in terms of its novelistic form, is Things Fall Apart a quintessentially Western Novel? How Does Achebe teach us about the Igbo culture? Discuss the techniques he uses with examples from the novel.

Resources: (Links to an external site.)

Question 3: (100 Points)

How has this course enabled you to develop a more nuanced approach to questions of life within a diverse culture? Please use three examples from the course materials to elaborate your points.

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For the last question where it says “Please use three examples from the course materials” you can use the ones listed in the first question.