Deliverable #1: Activity 4 Document Requirements: In this activity, you enter your three alternative solutions from Activity 3, analyze them, and rank them based on how well they meet the Activity 4 criteria (please see T3T4-Identifying Alternatives.pdf. attachment below for examples and guidance) (Please see Activity 3 for reference in the attachments)

Deliverable # 2: Activity 5 Requirements: Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for each of your alternative solutions to your performance problem. (Please see Activity 3 for alternative solutions).

The reading (T5-Work Breakdown Structure.pdf) in the reference list leads to the IT Economics WBS reading, which includes an explanation of how to develop a WBS and illustrations of work breakdown structures. The illustrations can serve as a model for your preparation of Activity 5. The explanation and illustrations should give you an idea of the level of detail appropriate for the WBS required for each of your alternative solutions. (Please see Activity 1-3 for reference in the attachments).

Video: Top Tips for Developing a WBS. Available at: