Why do you think it’s so important to understand the business/enterprise when designing a database?  

Provide at least three specific supporting points in your post.  Your response should be no less than 150 words long and should be written in your own words.  Please avoid using one long paragraph for your post; take the time to organize your work for readability – you will lose points for not formatting your work as requested.  Please proofread your work as points can be deducted for grammar and spelling mistakes. Take care to cite your work when necessary, even if it is information from the slides or other reading in the module.  [80 points]

When you are done, make a thought-filled post to at least three of your classmates’ post.  You should not just say “I agree.”  Please do not use derogatory or abusive language. You can choose to be supportive or provide constructive criticism but please do it respectfully. [20 Points]