This assignment addresses course learning objective 1 – Identify the various segments of the hospitality industry, along with institutional learning objectives related to information literacy. For this assignment, you will be preparing an annotated bibliography that lists four different academic sources from the Trefry online library. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to help you start researching for your final project early on, to help you get comfortable in the Trefry Library, and to help you learn how to evaluate sources for your academic projects.

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Various segments hospitality industry

Various segments hospitality industry

To begin, please visit this resource from our online Trefry Library:

This source explains the purpose of an annotated bibliography and the way to go about writing an annotation.

Feel free to download and use the APA Annotated Bibliography Template from this page as the basis for your submission. It’s an easy to make sure you are formatting it correctly.

You will be using the Trefry Library to search and identify four different valid academic resources. You should find resources that will provide a definition of four different hospitality industry segments: Foodservice/Restaurant, Lodging/Hotel, Travel/Tourism, and Event Planning. Be sure to utilize the tips and strategies for evaluating your sources that were covered in your lessons. As a review, you can revisit this video on Evaluating Information (posted in the lesson content) or if necessary, revisit the video tour of the library or the APUS Writing Center

For each of the industry segments identified, find a valid, academic, scholarly resource that provides a solid definition of the industry segment. This may be a book, a peer-reviewed trade journal article, or a scholarly article. Remember to apply the principles of RADAR for evaluating your sources along with the tips found in the “Identifying Your Resources” page you reviewed from the library.

Once you have identified one source for each of the four segments, it is time to put together your annotated bibliography.

  1. Begin by listing the source in the correct APA, 7th Edition format. You may need to review the APA Style Guide in the library.
  2. Follow the formatted source with a definition of the industry segment based on the information synthesized from the resource itself. Remember to write the definition in your own words, do not simply copy and paste a line from the book or article.
  3. Finally, include an evaluative annotation for each resource. This should give a reason why this particular source is a valid and accurate quality source. The focus of the annotation should be on the description and evaluation of the source. You will need to explain why your source is valuable to a student of hospitality and to the final project – and use criteria to evaluate the sources, including objectivity, currency, accuracy, reliability, and relevance – and also be able to identify any issues of concern with that particular source.

To summarize – you will have four entries for your annotated bibliography – one for each of the four industry segments identified above. Each entry will have a citation, a definition of the industry segment based on the information in the source, and a 100 – 200 word annotation evaluating the source.

Submit your annotated bibliography as an attachment. Please reach out with any questions prior to submitting your assignment. You may post a public question in the Q&A discussion thread or send an email privately to your instructor.

Refer to the grading rubric for specific requirements and details on how your submission will be graded.

Assignment Week 2: Hospitality Career - Industry segments – Annotated BibliographyAssignment Week 2: Hospitality Career – Industry segments – Annotated Bibliography

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