Directions: Choose one of the sources linked below from our Module 1 reading list and fill out this form to practice TRAAP: TRAAP ACTIVITY.docx

Purpose – to practice evaluating sources based on TRAAP and receive feedback from instructor on accuracy before beginning paper 2.

A College Degree Remains a Good Investment but Debt is an Issue.Links to an external site.

A College Degree is not a Smart Investment for Everyone.Links to an external site.

Strengthening our Economy Through College For All.Links to an external site.

Millennial College Students Have Legitimate Grievances.Links to an external site.

Student Loans Promote Poor Decision-Making and Prolong Adolescence.Links to an external site.

There Are Economic Benefits from Obtaining a College Degree Links to an external site.Links to an external site.

A Certificate, Then a Degree: Certificate-First Programs Can Help Tackle America’s College-Completion Crisis.Links to an external site.

“Only Connect…” The Goals of a Liberal Education.Links to an external site.

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Module Objective:
  1. 2.5 Evaluate sources using standard evaluation criteria.

ENG 102 TRAAP Assignment

  1. Title of your source?


TRAAP Criteria Evaluation Response

When was the information published? Does it matter for your topic?


Is the information on-topic and useful to you? (How or why?)


Is the author (or organization) reputable? How do you know? What are their credentials?


Can the information be verified in other sources? (Did you check? Where?)


Why does the page exist? Who is the audience? Does the author have a specific bias or agenda?



  1. Overall quality: On a scale from 1 to 5, (1=least, 5=most), how useful is the website to you, and why? What criteria was the most important in reaching your conclusion?