Describe perfect competition related to the health care market.

  1. Describe Pareto efficiency as it relates to health economics.
  2. Describe the role and effects of different market structures within health economics.

Assessment Description

T1: The Pareto efficiency is a simple idea, but it is difficult to achieve. Why is this? Provide an example from outside your textbook.

T2: Describe perfect competition as it relates to health care economics. What are the key characteristics? Does perfect competition provide an advantage or disadvantage to the consumer? To the health care provider/organization? Provide an example of perfect competition within health care.

Useful Resources:

New HIV/AIDS Study Finding Have been Reported from Burnet Institute (Applying the ‘No-One Worse Off’ Criterion to Design Pareto Efficient HIV Responses in Sudan and Togo)

New HIV/AIDS Study Findings Have Been Reported from Burnet Institute (Applying the ‘no-one worse off’ criterion to design Pareto efficie