Write a paper that includes:

a. An introductory paragraph describing the type of personality the results indicate is most likely your personality. Do you agree with the results?

b. Describe in detail at least four (4) of the personality components from your results. Include information about the validity of the results (is this really who you think you are) and how this personality trait will impact your ability to be a nurse. Provide at least one example. Use theory to support your analysis. (Minimum of 2 paragraphs.)

c. Explain how this information can be useful in your personal or academic life. Use theory to support this information. (Minimum of 1 paragraph.)

Here are some questions to consider for the summary:

How might the information from your personality assessment help you when working with others?
How could the information help you with your personal relationships?
How might this information increase your self-awareness in social or academic interactions?

d. Address your thoughts on employer use of personality tests. Do you think employers should use this information as part of
orientation/training programs? Why or why not? (Minimum of 1 paragraph.)

e. Summarize your thoughts of this personality assessment experience. (Minimum of 1 paragraph.)

Here are some questions to consider for the summary:

Was it difficult to complete this assessment?
Did you find yourself comfortable with answering questions honestly?
Did you feel vulnerable while answering the questions?
Did you answer the questions based on your actual personality or
traits you desire to have?

3. Requirements:

a. 2 pages of content (does not include title page or references page)

b. 2 scholastic sources minimum

c. Include the results report as an Appendix after the References page

d. APA formatting