The community health needs assessment was conducted in New Hampshire in 2016 by the Catholic Medical Center, Elliot Hospital, and the City of Manchester Health Department identified several needs. They identified fourteen requirements that needed to be prioritized. One of the identified deficiencies in mental health. The report notes that the status of the mental health of Manchester residents is poor. It elucidates that residents experiencing poor mental well-being days is significantly higher than the rest of New Hampshire. Ideally, this s a matter of concern for healthcare providers in the location. The second recognized need was high poverty rates. The report underscores that Manchester’s poverty rate is higher than the surrounding communities. The region has a poverty rate of over 15 percent, and some parts record up to 30 percent (Greater Manchester Community Health Needs Assessment,2016). The use of free and reduced lunch plans is higher in the area compared to other nearby towns. Substance misuse and addiction was the other pressing health need in the area. Heroin, alcohol, and other opioids were identified as widely abused drugs. The opiate was the most abused, with the number of overdoses being alarming. Overall the Manchester residents have poor health status compared with other nearby metropolises.

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Lab Protocol : The Greater Manchester Community Health Needs Assessment


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) added a requirement in 2010 mandating that hospitals that are not-for-profit will conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) at least every 3 years or risk losing their non-profit status.

The Greater Manchester Community Health Needs Assessment:

You have a copy of the 2016 report for the Greater Manchester community (with help from the City of Manchester Health Department).

Your task:

You will explore this health assessment, noting the findings and where they got their information.  You may work with a partner and each submit the same document for your team.


  1. Conclusion
    1. Summarize three of the identified needs
    2. Given what you read, do these seem like good priorities?
  1. Now go to the Appendices.
    1. What hypotheses can you make as to why dome behaviors are not different from the rest of the state, and why some are significantly worse
  1. Please go to this document which summarizes information in NH for the State overall (not just Manchester).
    1. Please write a paragraph (about ¼ – 1/3 of a page) describing differences and similarities between the Manchester CHNA and this report.

Access to Care among their top three community need priorities (62%)