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If this is your first semester as a student on our ground campus, this website is for YOU! Your first year can be challenging, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed when making the transition to college. It is hard enough learning how to be a successful student, let alone trying to get involved and discover all of the opportunities that are available to you. This roadmap has been made available to help you learn important strategies on how to be a successful student and connect with the many resources on campus.

College is an exciting time of life, one filled with many profound transitions in preparation for an exciting and fulfilling future. One thing is likely true for all first year students: beginning college provides countless opportunities for growth, newly emerging challenges, and an accumulation of rich interpersonal experiences. You can find more information here on the best practices on how to adapt to new school environment.

Assignment Topic:
What will be the impact of the changing demographics on U.S. business and the economy?
3 sources required.
Citation Style:

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