Activity 8. Preparation for the Final Master’s Project

Johan Cruyff Institute

Johan Cruyff Institute

Based on the theme of the Final Master’s Project (FMP) that you plan to develop, in this activity of the Strategic Management Module, I ask you to develop the following:
1. Structure of the FMP document by main sections / chapters.
2. Development of the sections / chapters related to strategic management. To do this, you should:
a. Specify the sub-sections / sub-chapters that you will include in the project and are related to strategic management.
b. Make a brief description (max. 100 words) of each of these subsections / subchapters.
c. Identify which of the tools of the Strategic Management module you expect to use for the development of these subsections.
3. Proposed work calendar, throughout the course, planned for the development of each of the main sections of the FMP.

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Expert Solution:

General Business Idea

The business idea that will be the focus of this strategic plan is the creation of a sports academy. The academy will undertake training for youngsters, sporting events, and sports personalities. The proposed academy will rival top academies in Europe. The facility aims and goals will be to develop talents, build a strong foundation for upcoming youngsters and provide mentorship for young professionals.

Value proposition

The proposed site’s value proposition is “nurturing young talents to build a formidable footballing future.” The strategic plan will include strategic goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, and activities that will help ensure the site lives up to its value proposition. Achievement of the value proposition will help get interested individuals to join the academy and become professional giants.

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On campus programs at Johan Cruyff Institute include visits to sport organizations, clubs and facilities so that students can experience firsthand the challenges faced by sport managers on a daily basis. We also feature Master Classes by guest speakers who occupy key positions within the different areas of the sports industry. To learn more about Cruyff Institute visit their websites to see available programs Academic Programs – Johan Cruyff Institute