Social inclusion is the process where all individuals engage in various social, economical and political systems whereas social exclusion is where certain individuals or groups in the society are marginalized. For example, a person can be denied proper health services, education, access to welfare, and even housing. Social exclusion is founded on various reasons. Some such reasons are disability, religion, poverty, ethnicity, color, immigration, etc.

Social inclusion and exclusion

Social inclusion is the process where all individuals engage in various social

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Forum 1: Social inclusion and exclusion

Objective of the activity

Through this activity, students will be able to learn about and discuss the topic of cultural diversity, which is closely problematized in the processes of social inclusion and exclusion.


To carry out this activity you must follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Make a main contribution (entry, “post”) divided into two parts:
  • First, write about what you understand by social inclusion and exclusion (own definition, it is not about looking for information in this step).
  • Second, after watching the two videos indicated in complementary resources, he makes a contribution on the subject of about 250-350 words, but now supported by information from some academically reliable source (book, article or web page, all resources must be electronic) . Remember to add citations and references according to APA style. If there are problems with that video, then you can consult another source, remember to document it in citation and references in the writing.
  1. Respond to two classmates with a minimum of 50-60 words each.

Activity value

20 points– 10 for answering and 10 for commenting on two students. If a rubric is visible at the bottom of the forums page, it will not be used for grading, compliance with the assignment instructions will be used as a guide for grading.

Availability of the activity

Participation in the forums is required and will be graded. The forums are not replenished after the week for which they were established, so you must actively participate. It is vital that they keep monitoring the publications until the end of the activity in the corresponding week. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect similarity of content available on the platform.

  • It is recommended to publish your contribution (New thread) in the forum before Wednesday so that your participation is visible to the rest of your classmates.
  • React to posts to two (2) of your peers. They must be received on or before Thursday of the week.
  • Monitor the reactions your peers have posted to your input and react to them on or before Sunday.

Complementary video resources – If not available, you can use others from the Internet.