Rodney King Incident

Rodney King Incident

Review the Rodney King Incident case study from Chapter 5 in your reading. The findings of the Christopher commission were that LAPD leadership failed to institutionalize the core values of providing public safety and treating citizen’s fairly during police citizen encounters. How should police administrators institutionalize core values to their officers? What are some practical ways this can be accomplished?

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What lessons can be learned from the Rodney King Incident?


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Lessons learned from the Rodney King incident.

The Rodney King incident is one of the common activities associated with law enforcement agencies worldwide. From the case, we learn that an officer from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was captured striking King numerous times in the presence of a sergeant and a group of other officers. The incident depicts the failure of the department to adhere to core values. Core values are essential for any organization regardless of the size as they form the foundations on which an entity is built (Anwar & Hasnu, 2013). When used correctly, they can provide numerous benefits to a company.

There are many ways that the police administrators could use to institutionalize core values to their officers. Firstly is making daily decisions by them. When organizational decisions are made in the context of their values, they are solidified in everyone’s minds. Secondly is for the police administrator to ensure he lives the core values. The effective institutionalization of core values requires organizational leaders to reflect them in their roles (Esmaeili, Khalili & Gholipour, 2020). Next is incorporating…order this question