For your Research Strategy Analysis and Sampling assignment, locate a primary research article in an academic journal where the researcher or researchers used a quantitative research strategy, a survey instrument, and inferential statistics (This can be an international study or a study on homeland security policies).

Research Strategy Analysis and Sampling

Research Strategy Analysis and Sampling

Then, critique the following elements:

  • purpose of the study;
  • target population;
  • rationale for using a quantitative research strategy versus a qualitative research strategy (i.e., Explain the advantages, limitations, and researcher considerations when using a quantitative methodological research strategy.);
  • research design,
  • analytical approach,
  • data analysis procedures used and rationale,
  • data collection method,
  • sampling design, and
  • validity and reliability,
  • findings on Research Strategy Analysis and Sampling
  • areas in the study that were well executed and areas that require improvement.

For Part 2 of this assignment, you will create a self-completion questionnaire for the quantitative research project of interest you described in the Unit I discussion board. Address the prompts below.

  • State the problem to be solved.
  • Formulate four survey questions, using a Likert scale of your choosing, that would help solve your problem when answered. The survey questions should identify the variables to be measured (e.g., job satisfaction, motivation, productivity, morale, managerial competence, organizational commitment, job stress, etc.)
  • Include relevant demographic questions.
  • Indicate the level of scale measurement used for each question, from among the four levels of scale measurement.
  • Identify the population of interest.
  • Identify the sampling frame.
  • Identify the sample type.
  • Describe the method of survey distribution.

Your assignment should consist of a minimum of four pages in length, not counting the required references page. Please thoroughly address all areas listed above, and include at least two credible sources. Responses should be written in a narrative format rather than being formatted as short bullet points. Adhere to APA Style, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.

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