Use the Research Resources links page in Module 2 to get started, and then perform a focused Internet search to dig deeper. Remember, you are required to use sources both from the company’s or university’s own website AND from sources outside their own material. This ensures a thorough and unbiased mix of sources.

As you conduct your research, follow the instructions posted on the Research Resources page, and use the Annotated Research Sources List form linked below to guide you through your research process, making sure to find sources that provide information in all of the categories listed. Enter the NAMES of the sources (author, name of article and/or publication or website, etc.) AND the URLs. (Do not only list the URLs.) Upload the completed form to submit for this assignment. Points will be earned based on the thoroughness, completeness, and relevance of the research sources and listings. Upload the completed form as a PDF or Word doc, or copy onto a Google doc and post a sharable link (do not share via email).

Annotated Research Sources List

Requirements: 300