Write a five- to six-page essay that profiles the discourse community you have chosen to research on Real Estate Community. It must include at least five sources (one primary (i.e., interview) and four secondary). Your essay needs to include a thesis that makes a claim about the community you researched. Here are some ideas: It could focus on the value of future membership in this community (e.g., how membership leads to a life of significance and worth), or barriers to inclusion in this community (e.g., challenges of moving from outsider to insider).

Real Estate Community

Real Estate Community

The idea of the essay:

The Essay about discourse community that I would like to join, and my community is Real Estate Community. Also, I did an interview with an Expert His Name is Ibrahim who represent the Real Estate community via Zoom. I have transcript of what is the interview about. After I finished my interview with him, I establish a Research question and Thesis.

My Research question is: How real estate increases tourism? and what is the connection between them?

Thesis (argument): Some tourist cities such as Dubai have strong real estate, which makes it a tourist destination. Why do countries that do not have real estate development have low tourism?

*Note: You can improve the of thesis and the question, But don’t get out of the general Idea of the tourism and Real Estate. Improve to the quality of the Writing *

Essay Content:

  • Introduction: 1- underline the thesis 2- the intro 1 to 2 paragraphs
  • Background: On topic (thesis define the terminology and on interviewee (Ibrahim).

Interviewee background: For this project, I will conduct this interview with a business enthusiast, especially in the field of real estate, as it has a very promising future, especially in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Besides my major, I would like to start my field in real estate because of its good, stable, and fruitful opportunities to enter the field of business. I will be interviewing an expert in this field his name is Ibrahim Alghannam. He is a real estate agent with a experience almost 7 years. Also, he owns many estates in the capital of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He also has many developmental courses in this field besides his main specialization, which is industrial engineering, in which he has not worked since his graduation, by moving towards earning money with his own business.

Tell me if you want more background on him.

  • Body Paragraphs: (Must include):

1- Quotes from the interviewee (transcripts itself will provide it in the attached)

2- Quotes from the sources (I will Provide Sources, but you Can find another sources, but it has to be 2 Scholarly sources out of 5 sources)

  • Information that reflects the thesis/ (antithesis)
  • Conclusion:
  • References