Read this recent article from the Nation Institute of Justice on the opioid crisis. Read this recent article from the Nation Institute of Justice on the opioid crisis. According to this article, what is the role of law enforcement in fighting this epidemic? What do you think?

Here is a quick video from NYPD:

And this is a quick video on the crisis in my hometown county, Luzerne Country, Pa…one of the worst in the country…


The Opioid Crisis has led to the loss of many lives. Studies show that a total of 130 people lose their lives each day due to opioid overdose. The opioid crisis continues to become prevalent as more lives are lost every day as a result. The law enforcement authorities have a duty of fighting drug use and overdose in order to save lives and fight the crisis that is adversely affecting the lives of most people. Many lives continue to be lost as a result of heroin use both from a prescription and illicit use of opioids.

Law enforcement authorities report that the situation is getting worse as more people get recruited into opioid use each day. Opioid use often begins as a prescription for different conditions that require pain control pills. The users then get used to the rugs to the extent of overdose g to get relieve. Heroine is associated with a lot of opioid overdose deaths that continued to happen (DoctorOz, 2016). The law enforcement authorities report that individuals of all ages are affected by this crisis. Young people are getting more into heroin use and overdose, which results in more deaths. The police receive training that enables them to have the right knowledge on how to help overdose victims who they encounter in their line of duty. Through this knowledge, the police have significantly contributed to saving the lives of many opioid overdose victims they come across while on duty.

The police have established a new strategy for dealing with the heroin overdose crisis that causes a lot of death-related overdoses. The strategy, which is known as the overdose response initiative, entails treating any overdose-related situation as a crime (DoctorOz, 2016). Detectives are involved in carrying out investigations about the individuals involved in the acquisition of the drugs. This is an effective strategy that helps in dealing with the heroin problem from the source. A lot of young people get recruited into heroin use by individuals who are selfish for money. Through the overdose response initiative, the law enforcement agencies are able to get into the dealers who make such harmful drugs available in society. It is an effective strategy that addressing the source of the drug overdose, therefore, eliminating this problem effectively.