Public Health Nurse 3-5 pages (not including title and reference page) typed (12 Times Roman/Arial Font) in APA format

    • Title page and reference page
    • No spelling or grammatical errors
    • Paper outline similar to this:
      • Introduction
      • Community resources
      • Priority diagnoses, the goal and reason for the change
      • Realistic solution
      • Health education
      • Role of the nurse and community in the intervention
      • Conclusion
Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nurse

  1. Community resources (15 points)
    1. Identified and analyzed
    2. How will the resources support the intervention of your nursing diagnosis?
  2. Priority diagnosis, the goal for change, and rationale (15 points)
  3. Develop a realistic solution to your nursing diagnosis in a teaching manner (evidenced-based practice) (20 points)
  4. Describe the health education you will promote which follows from your nursing diagnosis (20 points)
  5. Describe the role of the nurse and other community members in the interventions (10 points)

Requirements: complete   |   .doc file

here is some helpful information I have for it


This activity provides students with the resources and methods to conduct a community assessment. Performing a community assessment involves getting to know and understand the community as client.


Who is the community assessed? A clear definition must be provided of who is being assessed and where they are located.


Phase two is the focus of this activity.

The goal of assessment is to gather and generate data and then analyze and synthesize the data to identify significant themes or trends.

A. Data gathering involves compiling information that already exists.

B. During data generation, information that does not already exist is collected from the community.

C. Data analysis and synthesis should result in discovery of community health problems and community health strengths.

I live in Minnesota, USA so if you can select something that you find interesting from here that would be great because I will be presenting this information/ paper in class