Lets start this course by identifying the image of registered nurses and how that influences accountability and professional practice.

Consider what you think a registered nurse is really. How do you explain the role of the RN when asked? Do you lead the discussion with a list of task?

As we begin our discussion, it is important to share the same definitions related to several concepts; it is also important to reflect on what you think you are really about to embark on as far as this profession.

professional practice Nursing

professional practice Nursing

Before you start reading for this module answer the following questions:

1) What does it mean to be accountable for your behaviors?

2) What are professional behaviors?

3) Should nurses be held accountable for “unprofessional behaviors” on social media?

4) Should potential employers scrutinize social media postings to inform hiring decisions?

Discussion Board

What is your role in re-creating the image of nursing?

I believed that my responsibility in re-creating the nurse image is to simply treat each person with the utmost respect and kindness. The image has been looked upon as the role of a nurse is not important. As stated, nurse is noted to be assistant to doctors with no discernment (Salem, 2019).