Lab Summary:

This lab will prepare your Linux environment that you will use for the duration of the semester.  For this class, we will use Virtual Box which is free software that allows you to run a virtual machine.  This class will use Ubuntu 22 LTS.

If you are using a newer macOS device for this class that uses a M1/M2 processor, please contact me via email ASAP as Virtual Box will not run on your computer.  Virtual Box will run on older Intel-based macOS devices.  If you are unsure, please contact me.

Linux environment

Linux environment

If you are already familiar with a different virtualization software (VMware/Parallels), you are welcome to use it.  Please know that my ability to troubleshoot and assist with issues may be limited if you choose to use something else.


For Lab 1A, prepare your Linux environment  and please follow the steps below.  Where it is noted, please provide a complete screenshot of your virtual machine screen as well as provide a written response where listed. Do not crop or remove contents from your screenshot. All lab submissions should be submitted as a Word Document (.doc or .docx) or a PDF to the Assignment Dropbox will all screenshots and responses clearly labeled. Any screenshots that are not clear and/or do not include the appropriate information will not be accepted.

Recommended Guide for Setup:

Virtual Box Download:

Ubuntu Download:

A few recommendations: Please allocate at least 20GBs to your virtual machine and 4GB of RAM.

When being asked for a username: please use your real name as “Full Name” and your KSU email id as the “User Name”. The name will be displayed in screenshots if required in future assignments.

Once installed and restarted, log into your virtual machine and take a screenshot of the login screen with your user id clearly shown (screenshot 1a-1).