Useful website: OpenSecrets

OpenSecrets has made itself into an essential Washington — actually, make that an essential national — institution. Now more than ever, with the proliferation of super PACs and 501(c)(4) groups pouring huge sums into campaigns, it’s critical to have a reliable and handy source of information on money and politics. is the go-to site for this data — trustworthy, accessible and well-presented.

Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, OpenSecrets is the nation’s premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Our mission is to track the flow of money in American politics and provide the data and analysis to strengthen democracy.


Answer questions 1 to 6. Number your answer while copying only the prompt topics.

  1. My interest group choice

Choose an interest group that you are a member of, or you would like to join today. Explain your choice.

  1. My interest group activities

Assess and provide examples of your interest group activities (lobby, litigation, campaign contributions, candidates endorsements, education, voter mobilizations).

  1. My interest group type

Define the type of your interest group) public interests, professional, single-issue advocacy, labor union)

  1. My interest group target

Identify the level of government (local, state, or federal) that your group targets.

  1. My interest group and free rider phenomena

Based on your understanding of free rider phenomena, analyze whether your interest group faces this problem. Defend your position with arguments.

  1. Create astroturfing scenario

Create a fictional short story in which any corporations (examples: Amazon, Facebook, Purdue Pharma, Walmart, ExxonMobil, Apple, etc.) engage in the practice of astroturfing.

This is a totally made-up story through which you demonstrate the understanding and consequences of astroturfing.

  1. Choose a corporation
  2. Create or choose the existing government public policy that your corporation will be interested to influence.
  3. Describe the action that corporation attempts to present as a legitimate grassroot activity

Grading criteria 

To reach maximum points for this assignment, you need to:

  • Answer all 6 questions (do not copy questions, just number your answer)
  • Use your words and avoid quotations
  • Demonstrate understanding of given topics and terms
  • Make a double space format and check for possible grammar errors
  • Submit Assignment 2 as MS Word document by the given deadline.