New Frontiers in Clinical Technological progress has been behind much of the growth of the health care industry. We will discuss the eight types of medical technologies predicted to impact patient care over the next 15 years. The demand for lower-cost, higher-quality outcomes requires innovation. Innovation has historically been brought about by research. We will explore how research is responding to this demand.

10-1 Discussion: Technological Efficacy or Medical Technology for the Future

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    First Discussion Topic:

    This article from Future Technology 500, presents several examples of medical technology that is available and what is predicted for future uses. Choose two of the technology solutions presented and analyze the challenges and opportunities of implementing this technology within the next 5 years. Explain your answers and provide evidence (search for an article about the technology you chose) to support your ideas. Return to the board to comment on selections made by your peers.

    Second Discussion Topic:

    Efficacy may be defined simply as the health benefit to be derived from the use of technology or how effective a given technology is in diagnosing or treating a condition. If a product or service actually produces some health benefits, it can be considered efficacious or effective.

    Discuss the following questions and support your answers with evidence from the literature:

    • What is the likelihood that a different procedure would result in a better diagnosis?
    • If the problem is more accurately diagnosed, what is the likelihood of a better cure?

    To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric PDF document.