1. Visit an art museum from the approved list ONLY* (see list below) and write a 700-word paper about your visit, (excluding quotes and any citations). Please note: you can write more than 700 words, but not less.
  2. Please PRINT the Paper Guidelines from Museum Procedures page BEFORE going to the museum and take the questions with you. (There are questions to answer, and you will need to take notes.)
  3. REMEMBER to sketch ALL FIVE OF the works you will discuss in your paper. YOU NEED A SKETCH FOR EACH
    SECTION A-E. I just want a rough sketch. I am not expecting a Rembrandt.
  4. THE PURPOSE OF SKETCHING is so that you may sit quietly and contemplate each of the works you will write about. Looking at a work live is not the same as looking at an image or picture of the work (like on your phone). Explore your feelings when looking at the work. Think about how the work makes you feel. Think about what the artist may have been thinking when creating the work and the message the artist was trying to communicate.
  5. Your report MUST follow the guidelines stated below in PART A – PART F of this document, as well as the guidelines for Academic Honesty in the Syllabus.
  6. Make sure to include the name of the museum you visited.
  7. Make sure your paper is AT LEAST 700 words (excluding quotes, artist names, artwork titles, and any citations). Please note: You can write more but not less than 700 words.
  8. You need a sketch for EACH section A-E.
  9. Sketches, your selfie, and your receipt/ticket should NOT be included when you upload your paper. They should be scanned in and/or uploaded to the separate Sketch dropbox.
  10. If you have trouble writing your paper, go to Questions You Should Think about When Looking at Art Links to an external site.. Please do not list the questions you are using in your paper. They will not count toward your word count. Just answer them.
  11. Make sure you have included an AI Use Statement at the end of your paper, even if you have not used any AI. (See ACADEMIC HONESTY: HUM 1020 SPECIFIC POLICIES ON TEXT GENERATIVE AI USE (Museum Visitation) in the Paper Guidelines)
Museum Visitation

Museum Visitation

  1. Make sure to upload two drafts of your paper if you have used AI EDITING tools IN ADDITION TO what is available in Word or Turnitin. Label them Draft One (the one before using AI EDITING TOOL) and Draft Two (the second draft should be the final AFTER using AI EDITING TOOL). (See ACADEMIC HONESTY: HUM 1020 SPECIFIC POLICIES ON TEXT GENERATIVE AI USE (Museum Visitation) in the Paper Guidelines)
  2. Papers that are not under 5% on the originality report, don’t meet the word requirement, and/or don’t follow the paper guidelines A-F and the Academic Honesty standards in the syllabus will not be graded and will receive a zero or have to be redone/resubmitted. The choice will be left to the Professor’s discretion.
  3. These are all requirements from the Instructor in order to pass this class.