Mini essays are your chance to analyze and reflect on the topic via your readings for the week. Create a clear thesis statement and craft your essay around supporting and explaining this thesis. In essence, this is your chance to show me what you learned.

This essay should cite course materials from weeks 7-10.

Radings from Book: Moelker, R., Andres, M., & Rones, N. (Eds.). (2021). The Politics of Military Families: State, Work Organizations, and the Rise of the Negotiation Household. Routledge.

9The influence of work–family experiences during military deployment on organizational outcomes

15Standing strong in the context of organizational and family demands

11Balancing act

Military Strength & Balance

The Career Intermission Program allows service members to take one to three years off – while retaining benefits, but receiving a small percentage of their usual monthly pa

14Who emotionally contained the deployed military?

Trends in the dependence of former Argentine peacekeepers on their families, Haiti, 2004–2015

TOPIC OF ESSAY: Strength & Balance

Requirements: 500-750

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