Answer one of the essay questions. You should write no more than 2-3 narrative paragraphs of not less than 4 sentences each, identifying and explaining the significance of the primary topic of the question

1. What were the critical elements of the American victory at Yorktown? How did they impact the battle?

2. The American Civil War was the first modern war.Why is this true?Why is this false?

3. Why did some Army officers find the mission of subduing the Western Indians ethically challenging?

4. General Pershing and the Americans resisted the idea of amalgamation, the concept of placing American Soldiers into British or French units. What were the advantages and disadvantages of amalgamation and why?



Military History
I. Many Army officers participating in the 19th-century objective of subduing the Western
Native American tribes were deeply affected by the complicated ethical issues
surrounding it.
II. These operations raised ethical questions for many Army officers, particularly in light of
the time's prevalent notions of honorable behavior and combat.
III. The ideological context in which many of these officers worked added to the ethical
difficulty. Many of them had fought in the Civil War, which had been fought, at least in
part, on issues of freedom, rights, and human dignity (Cozzens, 2016).
IV. Therefore, the goal to conquer the Western Indians was not just a military operation but
also a moral trial that put the Army officers participating to the test.