MCS 300 – Corporate Communications

As we have discussed throughout the semester, corporations are consistently trying to create a positive image by narrating and portraying themselves on a pure side of a moral binary. This means they want to be perceived as a moral and ethical company. Recently, issues of racial and social justice have become more prominent in public discourse. This hasencouraged corporations to “take a stand.”

For this assignment you are to find and select a corporation and describe and analyze their public response to a pertinent societal issue. In other words, for this assignment you will assess, analyze, and consult a social responsibility campaign by following the below tasks:

What is corporate communications?

What is corporate communications?

Task #1: Find and select a corporation that has recently (within the last decade) publicly addressed a societal issue and answer the following questions: what societal/public issue did they address? What was their public statement or stance? Where wasthis message published and distributed? Was the campaign enacted through a public statement, donation, or advertisement(or all three)?

Task #2: Assess and analyze this corporate social responsibility campaign. What was the intended meaning of the message? Did you receive this intended meaning? Did it resonant? That is, was the campaign successful? Why? Why not?

Task #3: Research the corporation’s follow-up. Did the corporation back up its public statement with internal transformation strategies, charitable donations, or any other related actions? Does this information change your assessmentof the original message?

Task #4: Lastly, describe what you would have done differently in this campaign? If necessary, rewrite the original statement. Describe your strategies for dissemination, resonance, and follow-up.  In the end, you will have an assignment that argues whether or not your selected corporation has created a successful social responsibility campaign. Be sure to connect these communicative attempts to the concepts of congruence, perceived authenticity, and market logics. That is, argue, analyze, and describe (using specific evidence and examples) why this campaign is successful or unsuccessful.

Be sure to clearly answer the above questions; you should be able to complete this assignment in around 2–3 pages. You are required to type up and hand in a digital copy via Blackboard by the above due date. Be sure to follow the following format: double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font.