As an advanced practice nurse, you will use pharmacological databases to help understand the pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics of medications used to treat bacterial infections, viral infections, and infectious disease processes. You will further review Linus Penrod Case Study and respond to the questions.

In this assessment, you are presented with a case study in which you will need to use pharmacological databases to address the situation in the case study. You will reference the following databases to find support for your decision-making:

Review the Linus Penrod Case Study.

Linus Penrod Case Study

Mr. Penrod, a 59-year-old Native American male patient, presents with a complaint of urinary urgency, frequency, and discomfort with urination for 5 days. His symptoms have slowly worsened despite treatment with acetaminophen. He has not noticed any blood in his urine, and he reports feeling tired and has noticed some lower back pain starting today. He also thinks he might be developing a fever.

He has a past medical history of chronic kidney disease, diabetes Type II, and hypertension. His medications include metformin 1000mg BID and lisinopril 20mg QD.

He is not allergic to any medication but states there is significant amount of antibiotic resistance to Bactrim on his reservation.

His vital signs include a HR of 92, resp of 16, a BP of 136/80, and a temp of 100.8. You also note mild costovertebral angle tenderness on the right; prostatitis has been ruled out. Pertinent urine dipstick results reveal ++50 blood, + nitrites, and +++ 500 leukocytes. Urine culture and sensitivity are pending. His last creatinine clearance (CrCl) was 48 mL/min as measured 2 weeks ago.

Linus Penrod Case Study

Linus Penrod Case Study

Treatment Plan

The provider has decided to treat Mr. Penrod with ciprofloxacin 500mg bid for 14 days.

A follow-up appointment has been scheduled for 1 week and he has been instructed to return sooner if his symptoms worsen or fail to improve over the next 3 days.

Assessment Deliverable

In a 700- to 1,050-word paper, address the following:

  • What are the pharmacodynamic considerations of ciprofloxacin?
  • What are the pharmacokinetic considerations of ciprofloxacin?
  • What other medications might be considered for a pyelonephritis in a healthy male without comorbidities?
  • Why specifically might Bactrim not be a good option for this patient?
  • Would drug dosing be impacted if this patient’s CrCl worsened to less than 30mL/min? If so, how?
  • What specific patient education would you provide based on the medication side effect profile?

Cite a minimum of 4 scholarly resources that you have obtained from the pharmacological databases.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines, utilize proper grammar and spellcheck.

Review SafeAssign originality report prior to submission.

Submit your assessment as a Word document. Assessments submitted as links or PDFs will not be graded.