1000 words total. 3 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism!

1. In this essay, you will choose one photographic image to critique as a work of art. You may choose an image from either the Straight Photography, The Documentarists or The Modern Eye sections of Chapter 11. Questions for you to consider in your essay:

  • o Why did you choose this particular image? What appeals to you about it? What intrigues you?
    o What ‘school’ or movement does it relate to i.e., straight, documentary or modern and what are some of the characteristics of your chosen image as it relates to the movement or school it’s a part of?
    o Based on everything we’ve learned so far about art (and photography), how would you evaluate this photograph as a work of art?

    For question 2, 250 words total. 2 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism
    2. Share with us what you consider to be the greatest film ever made. Begin by telling us a little bit about the film (1 paragraph). In 1-2 additional paragraphs, tell us about what makes this film ‘great’ and how it functions as a piece of visual art. What do you most love about it? Why would you recommend it? What qualities of ‘art’ does your chosen film exhibit?
    Refer to the chapter readings from this week to help you build in support for your nomination of the ‘greatest film ever made.’ In other words, what 2-3 cinematographic qualities does your film embody that adds to its greatness. You might choose to talk about how the film is directed, the actors, the dialogue, the lighting, point of view, cinematic structure, lighting etc. Lots to choose from!

A Critical Review of a Music Video “The Greater Middle East Blessing” This music video was made as a melody in front of the globally well-known tune “The Gift” composed by North American artists (Asker). Different districts on the planet, for example, Africa, Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, likewise made comparable configurations of the melody. The primary message of the tune is one of harmony, solidarity, and incorporation. A longing for harmony from individuals of that area is a sharp differentiation to the generalization that many have about the Middle East, which is frequently described as fierce and unsteady.

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Expressionist Qualities

It starts with a children’s song of sea waves. At the same time, white content is enlightened on a dark foundation: “From an area since quite a while ago influenced by strife and battle, amidst worldwide emergencies and torment, we met up across political, ethnic and language separates, to appeal to God for and favor our locale.” There is an extraordinary benefit of utilizing a music video to offer this expression instead of the crowd just having the option to only tune in to music or read the text (Asker, 2020). By joining the two media structures, one has a more extravagant tangible experience while connecting more cerebrum pieces, permitting more noteworthy pleasure. By posting this video on Youtube, the comfort to impart substance to simply a tick of a catch implies more individuals can watch and get its message. Even though it might mean the makers can’t bring in cash through sovereignties (Forde), this untraditional way permits a more boundless enthusiasm for their work.

The intended interest group is all individuals who recognize Christianity as their strict foundation despite section and nation of the starting point. While the first tune may have had the style of just a specific group of Christianity, specifically Pentecostal, particularly utilizing “The Lord’s supplication” as an opening before playing the fundamental tune shows the makers purpose to incorporate all individuals from this religion, paying little mind to their denominational foundation. In any case, including “The Lord’s petition” at the outset may stop individuals from other faiths from proceeding to watch the video though they may, in any case, be intrigued if just the second melody, which became a web sensation, was played. It may be gathered that individuals from various religions might value the primary melody, however not “The Lord’s Prayer” since it is following the belief systems of many significant religions.

In this manner, there are the two advantages and disadvantages of the extraordinary decision of including an auxiliary tune before the principal melody. The instruments utilized are those of the Middle Eastern starting point. This shows the makers’ social information and comprehension since those are the fundamental sorts of instruments played in the Middle East generally just as in advanced conventional types. Permitting the crowd to picture this great percussion, melodic, and string instruments (Native Instruments) implies even individuals who may have never heard center eastern music would realize the specific devices being played.

Effects of the Song

The music achieves a forceful, passionate reaction, particularly to the individuals who live in the truth of battle, inverse to the ideal of world harmony depicted all through the melody. This portrayal of a sharp differentiation between individuals’ genuine feelings and thegovernments who have power in the worldwide political scene may resound unequivocally in the personalities of crowds who have recently generalized Middle Easterns. Aside from uniting individuals from various sections of Christianity, the video additionally can rouse the longing for harmony and solidarity for individuals both inside and outside the more noteworthy Middle East, too, as both strict and rationalist individuals.

The Song as a Work of Art

There is a reiteration of the visual converging of various artists, just as appearing in the text the nationality, what’s more, every individual’s identity. This holds fast to kinship message across borders regardless of the international clash, resounding with the content appeared toward the beginning. It exhibits the adequacy of strict music is by and large influencing our feelings and perspectives. It pronounces how music and supplication can unite individuals, notwithstanding wars began by their legislatures (Fisher) and the subsequent misfortunes. As the melody advances, the visual converging of performers expansions in power. The start may show a couple of artists at that point individuals with a similar language together, at that point at long last the entirety of the performers together making a lovely mosaic.