An integrative project schedule baseline serves an essential purpose in every project: A tool to measure the project’s progress against the stakeholder-approved project schedule. Additionally, as an output from the schedule development process, the project schedule baseline is used in conjunction with the scope and cost baseline to form the performance measurement baseline.

Project Schedule Baseline

Integrative project schedule baseline

Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to discuss various tasks, deliverables, and tools that help in project preparation, scope management, communications management, quality management, schedule management, risk management, and integration management. In this assignment, apply the Critical Path Method to build the schedule for your Integrative Project.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Build a project schedule using the Critical Path Method.
  • Adjust the schedule to meet resource constraints.


  • Textbook: Agile Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide to Using an Agile Approach
  • Textbook: PMP Exam Prep
  • Website: IWU Resources Page
  • Website: Evaluating Sources
  • Video: PMP Critical Path Method
  • Video: Use Forward and Backward Pass to Determine Project Duration and Critical Path
    • [Note: The inclusion of publicly-accessible video links in your courses and program should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of any products or services mentioned within them.]

Background Information

The project schedule, along with the critical path, will help you complete the project on time. It will also identify the earliest start date, earliest finish date, latest start date, latest finish date, and slack for each task.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Review the following resources, as needed:
    1. PMP Exam Prep: Chapter 6: Schedule
    2. Videos:
      1. PMP Critical Path Method (9:03 min)
      2. Use Forward and Backward Pass to Determine Project Duration and Critical Path (7:25 min)
  3. For this assignment, you will:
    1. Implement the Critical Path Method to build the schedule baseline for your Integrative Project. The schedule baseline must include the following for each task:
      1. Duration
      2. Earliest Start Time
      3. Earliest Finish Time
      4. Latest Start Time
      5. Latest Finish Time
      6. Slack (also called Float)
    2. Additionally, as necessary, adjust the schedule baseline to ensure that all resource constraints are met. For example, if one person is needed for two different tasks at the same time, you may need to delay one of the tasks.
  4. Your submission should be a diagram showing all the listed elements for the schedule baseline.
  5. All references and citations should be in APA format.
    1. Review the APA Style page for information on how to cite sources and format citations and references properly.
    2. You may also review the OCLS Evaluating Sources page to see the criteria for credible Internet research websites.
  6. When you’ve completed your integrative project schedule baseline, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor by the end of the workshop.