“Discuss the impact of innovation and technology on informational efficiency.” It is required to use relevant academic sources, social media, and industry-related sources to back up your arguments.

Word count: 2000 words +-/10%


Please do not use chatGPT or any AI tools for writing, I will use the online checking tool and Turnitin AI to check it, thank you. Please make clear structure with a lot of diagrams and with subheadings into designing for this assignment, thank you!

Please find me at least 20 academic articles regarding the arguments in this field, and these must be high-quality academic articles from well-known publishers; for example, it could be from Science Direct, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, or any academic sources which is highly cited, and it is important to provide high-quality academic journals with solid academic evidence to back the argument as well.

Please find me at least ten social media news, such as the outbreaking of some new innovations in information efficiency, with any relevant information regarding this field.

Please find me at least ten references for the industry reports regarding any innovations and technology on informational efficiency; these industry reports could be from the Bank of England, for example, and it has to be industry-related sources to back the arguments. The industry-related sources could have anything to do with Finance.

In total: 40 references minimum in the Harvard referencing style, note with the academic journals, and remember to put in the volume number and the page number into the academic journal as well.

Critically discuss – which is to discuss a specific topic and then criticize what is happening or whether the efficient market hypothesis is correct or not it is important we should make analyses regarding the strong, semi-strong, and weak efficient market hypothesis.

The assignment will be assessed in accordance with the criteria:




Word length

4.1) Appearance

The appearance of your work is an assessment criterion. You are, therefore, required to type your assignment/essay. Facilities for word-processing assignments/essays are available throughout the University campus. Accuracy and consistency are very important and you should always proof-read your assignment thoroughly before handing it in.

Below are some key aspects to the presentation of your assignment that should be considered. Again, these are intended as a general guideline and you should consult the information provided in your course booklet and on Learn for any specific requirements for a particular course.

4.5) Final Points to Note


Try to ensure that the points you raise in your assignment are relevant. Avoid falling into the trap of writing down everything you can remember about the topic without evaluating how each point relates to the essay title. Your assignment should also be an analysis of facts, supporting your arguments/comments with relevant information and not purely a descriptive account.

General Reference guidelines

Read the references carefully so that in commenting on a point you do not over-simplify the argument supporting it. Do not make sweeping generalisations and avoid making statements of opinion unsupported by facts or any reasoned argument. The list of references you actually consult when writing your essay need not and should not be confined to those on the essay handout or course booklet. Any evidence of reading beyond the recommended list will be welcomed.

Review your work

Read your work critically before submitting it for assessment. The final review and proof read may not necessarily gain you extra marks but it may prevent you losing marks for easily avoidable errors. It is best to leave a short time between finishing your write up and proof reading so that you review your work with a fresh pair of eyes, so be sure to take this time into account during your essay preparation. When reviewing and editing:

  • – Check that your work is coherent and you have answered the question.
  • – Ensure spelling and grammar are correct – you can not rely 100% on the automatic

checkers, they are fallible, so always re-read your work with fresh eyes for typing errors.

  • – Check the presentation – paragraphs, headings, font and line spacing are consistent

throughout. Make sure you are within the word limit.

  • – Review your bibliography and ensure you have referenced your work fully and correctly.