Health information management is a unique blend of health care and technology. Focusing on the business and technology side of health care, this profession requires no patient contact but is still an important part of the health care team. HIM professionals collect, store, process, analyze, disseminate and communicate information related to the research, planning, provision, financing and evaluation of health care services.

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PART 1 HIM 500 : In your journal, reflect on the following:

  • Based on the readings, consider generally what the future of health information management might hold. How will advancements in technology affect the field?
  • Reflect on one of the concepts you learned in this course. What makes this concept stick out to you?
  • Finally, consider how you will apply your new knowledge to your program at SNHU. What about to your current or future profession?

To complete this assignment, review the Module Ten Journal Guidelines and Rubric PDF document

PART 2- IT 625:

How would you characterize a successful IT project? Identify a set of criteria for project success. Reflect on the various techniques and strategies discussed during the course that impact project outcome and explain how they correspond to the proposed criteria for project success.

Reflect on your final project in this course. Consider the following:

  • What areas of the project were most difficult to complete?
  • What aspects of the project had the most impact on your understanding of IT project management?
  • What were some of the surprises or roadblocks that you encountered as you completed your work?
  • How might you use the skills you have learned in this course?

In response to at least two of your classmates, comment on similarities or differences between your responses and theirs.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric PDF document.

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