After THOROUGHLY reviewing the feedback given by your professor regarding your three topic selections, use the most “researchable topic” to work on for your Research Proposal Paper Assignment. Resubmit the Topic Selection, heeding any and ALL feedback given, in the same format as Part 1.

In addition to heeding feedback and editing as needed, if your study will be quantitative (meaning, you will be measuring variables), identify the variables that can be measured. A simple example would be if you are studying the level depression in adolescents after conducting the intervention of mindfulness strategies, then you would identify depression as the dependent variable and mindfulness strategies as the independent variable.

In addition to heeding feedback and editing as needed, if your study will be qualitative (meaning, you are exploring an experience and not measuring variables), identify which qualitative research strategy might fit best with your research question (see Ch.16 in the Heppner et al. text).

Note: Your assignment should not have more than one topic listed, should have with one gap statement, and the variables listed (if quantitative)/research strategy (if qualitative).

One important area of conducting research is to consider any cultural influences that might occur within the research process. After reading Chapter 9 in your textbook, identify one cultural consideration in researching your population of interest.

Assignment should be no more than one page, double spaced in current APA format (excluding the title page). It will reflect the same format as Topic Selection: Find a Gap

A sample paper is provided, and please let me know if you have any questions. You can get started right away.