You are a manager with five years of experience and need to write a report for senior management on how your firm can avoid the threat of a Federal Trade Commission investigation if you were to merge with other health care organizations. Research on your own to select a health care organization in the United States that has been charged with an antitrust action within the last five years and use this information as the basis for your paper. In your report

Federal trade commission investigation in a healthcare setting

Federal trade commission investigation in a healthcare setting

  • Summarize the charges and rebuttal or mitigation of charges used by the health care organization you researched.
  • Discuss lessons learned and propose actions that can be taken by your management to avoid similar anti- trust actions in your proposed merger.

Your paper must include an introduction, thesis, and conclusion. Your paper must be four double-spaced pages in length. 4 resources in the past 5 years. APA Format

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When health care markets are competitive, consumers benefit from lower costs, better care and more innovation. The Federal Trade Commission enforces the antitrust laws in health care markets to prevent anticompetitive conduct that would deprive consumers of the benefits of competition. The agency also gives guidance to participants in the health care market – including physicians and other health professionals, hospitals and other institutional providers, pharmaceutical companies and other sellers of health care products, and insurers – to help them comply with U.S. antitrust laws. The FTC maintains its expertise in health care markets by doing research and issuing reports on competition issues, which in the past have included empirical studies of generic drug entry, contact lens sales, and mail order pharmacies, and economic analyses of the effects of mergers involving non-profit hospitals.