The article ‘Fast track Women Choice to Stay Home’ highlights the plight of high achieving career women who have resorted to abandoning their jobs in favor of staying home full time to undertake their upbringing role. The trend has been deemed to signal females embracing a new traditionalism and a denunciation of feminist objectives. The research established that women’s decisions to interfere with their careers are highly disputed and not grounded in a resumption of traditional duties (Stone & Lovejoy, 2004). Even though family concerns figured blatantly, they were not the primary cause of their decision. The article concludes that career women are caught in a double bind between the opposing models of the ideal employee and an ideal parent.

Essentially, many women professions’ decision to abandon their careers reflects the concept of social exchange theory, whose central premise is that human conduct is an interchange of rewards between actors. According to Cropanzano et al (2017), the theory postulate that all human relations are created using subjective cost-benefit scrutiny and the comparison of alternatives. The theory predicts that when an individual perceives an association’s costs outweighing the professed benefits, a person chooses to abandon the relationship. In the context of the career women that have opted to stay at home full time, they probably established that the costs of being employed outweighed delegating their parenting role, thus resorted to abandoning their work to partake parenting on a full-time basis. This is evidenced by the report’s conclusion that professional women are torn between their occupational status, and class membership hence prompted to select an option that they believe derives the highest benefits.

Fast track Women Choice to Stay Home

Fast track Women Choice to Stay Home

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SO302 Unit 7: Assignment

Unit 7: Assignment – Analysis Paper 5


  • Evaluate the causes and consequences of balancing work and family
  • Apply rational choice and social exchange theory to family


  1. Choose an article on the topic this week that was not assigned in the Ferguson readings/discussion. I chose Fast track Women Choice to Stay Home
  2. Write an analysis of a minimum of 500 words on the issues presented in the article and apply one of the family theories to the article.
  3. Apply at least 3 terms/concepts learned this week in your paper. Concepts for the week can be found at the end of the chapters in the supplemental readings in the free online Hammond, Cheney and Pearsey text.
  4. Please underline or bold the 3 terms and the theory in your paper.
  5. The topic of your paper must be on one of the readings in the Ferguson text not assigned in the discussion.


  • “Fast track Women and the Choice to Stay Home”
  • “Negotiating Work and Parenting Over the Life Course: Mexican Family Dynamics in a Binational Context”
  • “Great Expectations? Working and Middle Class Cohabitators’ Expected and Actual Divisions of Housework”
  • “Creating a Caring Society”