Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice contemplating on employee rights and Employee Rights Violation that will ensure the success of your employees.

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Employee Rights Violation

Employee Rights Violation

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Instructions: Read through the attached article and answer the following questions in separate paragraphs:


What are the major violations of employee rights? Major consequences?

Which right was denied?

How did the company respond? Any settlements?

Does the violation stand any ethical grounds?

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There were several major employee rights violations that Amazon committed to sparking the employees; action recounted in the article. The first was a high workload during the worker main holidays. Muslims protested to demand workload during Ramadhan, which was a violation of their fundamental right of worship. Another violation is retaliating against workers that participated in a strike. The company retaliated against striking workers by docking their unpaid
time off hours (Johnson, 2019). Lastly is the breach of employee safety privilege by overworking.