You have been asked to develop a database system for the Elijah Community Hospital.  ECH is a small, local community hospital with approximately 125 beds.  The basic goal is to provide high-quality, cost-effective health-care services for the surrounding community in North Georgia.

Elijay Community Hospital

Elijay Community Hospital

The various business functions that the hospital currently has are:

  1. Patient care administration software-record keeping aspects of patient care
  2. Clinic and lab services software-provides lab testing and procedures and patient monitoring & screening
  3. Patient care software-provide patients with medical care and support services
  4. Financial management software-manage the financial resources and operations of the hospital
  5. Administrative services software-provide general management and support services not directly related to patient care
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The patient care and clinic and lab services include:  laboratory tests, radiology procedures, admissions, in-patient and out-patient surgeries, labor and delivery services, intensive care, cardiology, open-heart surgery, neurology department, pediatric medical and surgical care, orthopedics, oncology and a 24-hour emergency department.

The staff on the Elijah Community Hospital include 600 full-time and 200 part-time personnel including doctors, registered nurses, laboratory technicians, counselors, rehabilitation therapists, social services staff, admittance/discharge staff, insurance staff, janitorial staff, and security staff.

CSE 3153 Lab 1

Part 2:

Hand draw the high level E/R diagram for the hospital including all entities and relationships (do NOT include cardinalities for this lab).

Add your attributes to each entity you have drawn.

Time Requirements

The lab will take about 2-3 hours to complete. Be sure to give yourself enough time for completing this lab.


The lab should be submitted as an attachment through D2L in the dropbox.


This lab is worth 50% of the grade. The lab will be graded on 80% correctness and 20% effort