Write a paper (3-5 pages in length not counting the title page or references page) in which you apply course concepts to the “Keystones of Support” activity posted on Canvas to demonstrate what you have learned in this class. Identify two course concepts (for example: listening, conflict styles, emotional expression, etc.) and apply them to the above activity. Include the chart you created with your submission. Your paper should:

  1. Identify and describe TWO concepts from the class.
  2. Using the questions posed in the activity, analyze your keystones of support chart and consider how those two course concepts help explain your keystones of support. Discuss how they affect the nature of your various relationships and how satisfying those relationships are.

EEOC and Hiring


  1. Conduct outside research and review the content then read the following scenario:
    • Steve Ferrari, a 62-year-old man who recently immigrated to the U.S. from Italy, saw an ad in the daily newspaper for an employee position at Eugene’s Western Wear Outlet Store. The “Want Ad” specified the following: “We need you if you are young and energetic and possess excellent customer service skills. Applicants who are selected will be required to stand for long periods of time and to lift 20-30 pounds, so you must meet our height and weight requirement. We are looking for a U.S. citizen and we prefer to hire a man. No smokers.” Steve needed a job, so he went to Eugene’s Western Wear Outlet Store and interviewed. Eugene asked Steve every question the ad had outlined. Steve did not get the job.
  2. Consider the previous scenario in light of the content for this week as you answer the following questions:
    1. If the “Want Ad” violated any Federal anti-discrimination laws, identify the relevant laws and explain how they were violated.
    2. Identify any critical errors that Eugene may have made when conducting the employment interview.
    3. Within the “Want Ad”, distinguish between those statements or phrases that may have violated an anti-discrimination law, and those that would be deemed non-discriminatory.
    4. Identify any discrimination categories or prohibited practices under which Steve might reasonably file a discrimination claim. Explain your reasoning for any instance you identify.
    5. Re-write the “Want Ad” so that it meets the needs of Eugene’s Western Wear Outlet Store without violating any anti-discrimination laws or prohibited practices.
  3. Compose your answers with a minimum of one paragraph per question (minimum of 5 paragraphs total).
  4. Research and use at least one outside source to support your recommendations. You must give appropriate credit to the source of the material.