An individual’s digestion system facilitates the breakdown of food substances into smaller components and digestion, circulation, and growth are metabolically related. Nutrients are then absorbed in the body after the food is broken down, and the nutrients are moves through the circulation to different parts of the body. The digested food and absorbed nutrients that are circulated in the body facilitate the growth of an individual. The three processes are therefore metabolically related. Metabolism deals with how an individual’s body utilizes energy from consumed food.

For metabolism to occur, an individual must consume food, which then goes through the digestion process. During digestion, food is broken down into nutrients and energy that the body uses for growth (Gu, Bai & Kortner, 2017). Body cells cannot grow in the absence of required nutrients. Therefore, digestion facilitates growth. The energy produced during digestion also plays a significant role in fueling the body for growth. After food is digested and broken down into energy and nutrients, it is absorbed into an individual’s bloodstream. Through circulation, it moves throughout the body to different cells for cell respiration, growth, and metabolism to take place.

Discussion Question 1. Each characteristic of life is related to body metabolism. Explain how digestion, circulation, and growth are metabolically related.

Discussion Question 2. When driving in traffic, it is important to stay in your own lane. If you see that you are drifting out of your lane, your brain tells your arms and hands to move in such a way that you get back in your lane. Identify the three components of a control loop in this example. Explain why this would be a negative feedback loop.

Discussion Question 3. When muscle cells become starved for oxygen, they will send a chemical signal to nearby blood vessels to dilate (expand) and thereby increase blood flow. Is this an example of negative feedback or positive feedback? Is this an example of intracellular, intrinsic, or extrinsic control?

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