Critical Response Essay is due Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 11:59 PM. CRE 2 must be attached to its Assignment drop box. Late submissions OK until May 28, 2020 at 11: 59 PM) but loses 10 points before grading.


You must choose either Langston Hughes’ essay “Salvation” on pp 668-669 in Steps to Writing Well With Additional Readings or E. B. White’s essay, “Once More to the Lake” (located under the Course DOCUMENT tab) to support the development of Critical Response Essay (CRE) 2.

Choose only one of the two essays above and its corresponding topic choice below.

Once you make a choice, review the Mandatory Requirements on page two of this document before you start writing your essay response. NO OTHER OUTSIDE (ADDITIONAL) SOURCES ARE PERMITTED.

Topic Choice 1:Based on the “Salvation” essay

Langston Hughes’ “Salvation” essay purposely examines religion from the perspective of a particularly memorable childhood experience. In the essay, Langston Hughes clearly says that he comes away from the revival experience no longer believing “there was a Jesus anymore, since He didn’t come to help” (669) when Hughes felt he most needed Jesus. If you select this essay as a topic,

First, examine the essay title. Do you find Hughes’ attitude at the end of his essay regarding religion to be ironic, meaning do you find the essay title, “Salvation” to be incongruent with what he says at the end of the essay? WHY or WHY NOT? Explain.

Next, based on your reading of his essay, WHY DO YOU THINK that childhood in particular is a time in life when religious questions are especially relevant (significant)? Write an essay which explores answers to both of these questions.

Mandatory Requirementsfor Developing Topic Choice 1:

• The body of your essay must include and discuss specific ideas from Hughes’ essayin support of your essay response.

• Do not simply summarize or directly quote ideas from Hughes’ essay. Explain how why or in what way each idea you select supportsthe thesis of your essay.

• You are also specifically required to use concrete examples from your own lifeexperiences to support your response for Topic Choice One.

• Include MLA formatted internal citations for ALL ideas borrowed from the Hughes’ essay (whether paraphrased or directly quoted) and a work cited page entry at the end of your paper. Treat Hughes essay as a printed source and cite the essay as found in the required textbook for the course.

Topic Choice 2:Based on the “Once More to the Lake” essay

E. B. White’s essay, “Once More to the Lake” explores the theme of nostalgia, which means mixed feelings of happiness, sadness, and longing about people and places from one’s past.

In an essay, explore your own thinking about nostalgia, using ideas from BOTH White’s essay and your own life.

Specifically, explore the proposition that nostalgia can obscure the true nature of family relationships and even cause one to suppress painful memories that should be confronted.

Mandatory Requirements for Topic Choice 2:

• Establish your own thesis statement in response to the topic above and make use of ideas in White’s essay to support your thinking.

• You are specifically required to use concrete examples from your own life experiences to support your response for Topic Choice Two. Be specific in how why or what way your own examples tie in with ideas from the essay.

• Do not simply summarize or directly quote what White talks about or says in his essay. Use his ideas to support the development of your own thesis and ideas you come up with in support of your essay.

• Include MLA formatted internal citations for ideas borrowed from White’s essay and a work cited page entry at the end of your paper.

• Treat the E.B. White’s essay document as an Electronic Document from a Web Pageand internally cite and create a works cited page entry based on this version.

Mandatory CRE 2 Format Requirements (applies to both topic choices):

• Minimum of 2 and 2 ½, maximum pages in length; 11 point minimum, 12 point maximum,standard business font

• Indent the start of all paragraphs one tab from the margin.

• Use double spacing throughout but do not “double-double space” between paragraphs

• Center a TITLE at top of page; titles always reflect the writer’s thesis statement

• Single space your name, date, and section number in right hand corner of the paper’s HEADER (space above the top one inch margin on the page).

• Failure to state a thesis, adequately develop your essay with your own ideas, include and document ideas borrowed from the essay you select in MLA format, or meet minimum page requirements can result in significant point reductions and/or the paper’s rejection.

• I also reserve the right to make substantial point reductions and or reject ANY CRE 2 ESSAY SUBMISSION that comes back with a match to sources other than ideas from the essay.


Additional CRE Essay Requirements: (All Finished Essays Must):

• Observe the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion Format

• Your Introduction paragraph must have a complete thesis statement.

• A thesis comes to a specific conclusion about the topic you select and say why the conclusion you come to is important or significant to you.

• Have adequately developed paragraphs, meaning you must explain carefully and in detail how, why, or in what way any ideas used supports or helps to establish your thesis position.

• Develop the body paragraphs of your essay, using ideas from your own experience.

• You must also include and explain how why or in whatever ideas you choose from the essay you select support your thinking.

• Summarize the thesis statement in a final conclusion paragraph.

• Your final conclusion paragraph should also include a summary of one or two important ideas already discussed in the body

• No New ideas appear in the final conclusion paragraph.

• Include MLA formatted internal citations for all borrowed ideas and a work cited page entry at the end of your paper.

• The only borrowed ideas that are permitted in your CRE 2 Essay response are ideas from the essay you select from the assignment sheet.

• Treat the E.B. White essay document as an Electronic Document from a Web Page and the Hughes essay as a printed source when creating the Work Cited page entries for whichever source you select.

For Format and MLA Internal Citation and Work Cited Rules:

There is a sample Essay Format (DOCUMENT tab) for paragraph and line spacing of your essay.

See pp 421-425 in the Steps to Writing Well with Additional Readingstextbook for help with internal citation rules and pp 431-440 for the work cited page entry.

You can also use the “How to create and place MLA internal citations and work cited entries” worksheet under the DOCUMENT tab.

Finally, there are internal citations and work cited MLA web links under the Web Link tab in the course.

Points and Submission Details:

• CRE 2 is worth 100 possible points and dueThursday, May 21, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

• Click on the ASSIGNMENT tab then on the name of the assignment (CRITICAL RESPONSE ESSAY 2) then on browse; when the new window opens, double click on the file from its saved location, and then click on submit to upload.

• Note: The CRE 2 Drop Box remains open until May 28, 2020 at 11:59 PM for late submissionsbutall late submissions lose 10 points before grading.

Assignment and Technical Support:

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