First read the Harjo Case Study. Also read the supplemental information on the city of Globe.

You need to address the following questions in your response:

  1. What is 1 crisis or traumatic experience that has happened to your client, and how has it affected them? If you do not believe that your client has experienced trauma/crisis, what is one crisis/traumatic experience that could arise if the client does not receive proper care?
  2. Discuss 2 self-care techniques you would use to manage the emotional stress you would face as a social worker (Ex: hobbies, socializing, diet, exercise, etc.). Why do you think those two would help you the most?
  3. How does the criminal justice system play a role in your client’s life currently?
  4. How would you work with your client to prevent any future criminal legal/justice issues?


*  The memo should be one page, single spaced and single sided (bullet points are acceptable if the points are explained sufficiently). Use no less than 11-point font and one-inch margins around the page

Case Study Memo #1

From:               Your Name (First and Surname)

Re:                   Case Memo # (of the assignment): Name of Case (i.e., Case Memo #1: Google LLC)


Clearly identify the main (root) problem and key issues. Use case facts as needed to support your work. Support your selection of the main problem with specific OB logic (key concepts, use the terms). Be clear and concise. This may take 1-2 paragraphs


Identify at least three alternatives (there may be more) that address the issues caused by the main problem. Use relevant course concepts, theories, and models (i.e., terms) to explain the benefits and consequences/challenges of each (pros and cons). I realize that you may have some creative ideas but use the material from the course to support your arguments for your three alternatives. This may take 1-2 paragraphs. It may be in bullet form but must be fullyexplained and supported.


Choose one of the alternatives as the final recommendation and expand on it. Explain your choice with solid reasoning informed by what you know and have learned in class. Include implementation steps if they are relevant. This should be one well-developed, detailed paragraph.