For this assignment, you will need to pick a Victimology program/policy that you are interested in studying further and compile a review of existing studies surrounding that program or policy. You will use the existing findings of previously conducted studies to determine the impact on the victim. You will end your review by highlighting limitations in both the research and what you think is missing.

Your proposal will be organized as follows:

  • Cover Page
  • Introduction
  • Program/Policy Information
    • Tell me about the program/policy:
      • What is it’s mission/purpose?
      • Who is the program/policy for? For example: survivors of domestic violence only or all forms of violence
      • How does the program/policy work?
      • For Programs: Is there cost? For who? How do victims get access?
      • For Policies: What is the jurisdiction (local/state/federal) and who oversees it?
  • Existing Research About Program/Policy (Overall summary of the issue and existing literature on the topic)
    • What does the research say?
    • What are the costs of running the program/policy?
    • Is it effective? Easily accessible to victims? Impacting victims?
    • What are some limitations of the program/policy?
  • Critique of Policy/Program
    • Is it a good policy/program to use for victims? Why or why not?
      • This is your time to critically evaluate the program/policy based on what you have learned in this class and the empirical findings (what the research shows). This is your perspective: pro/con the policy/program.
  • Conclusion
  • References

Requirements: 8 pages