The influence of covid-19 misinformation on Youtube and China perception of it.

1. 2400 words research by using one of digital methods I listed out, use at least 1 method to do .

During and after the outbreak of Covid-19, there was a lot of misinformation across all major media platforms. This led to confusion and lack of understanding accross the population around the world

2. students will devise a research question that can be answered using a digital methods approach, using at least one of the tools covered in the module (Search Engine Scraper, YouTube Data Tools, Web Data Research Assistant). Other tools are not permitted.

covid-19 misinformation

covid-19 misinformation

The research project MUST be approved by the module convenor in advanceStudents must use a different research question from their first attempt. The student will undertake the relevant research and produce a report which summarises the research and findings and the methods used. The report will reflect on the strengths and limitations of the chosen tool and methods, the extent to which they shape the research questions that can be asked and the data that can be found, and the ethical challenges and implications of using these methods. Students should use the following layout for their project report.

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1. Title

2. Introduction (200 words). Brief presentation of research topic and research problem.

3. Context & Research Question (300). Briefly review relevant literature and conclude with the presentation of your specific research question.

4. Data and Methods (800). Consider the following issues:

What data have you collected and analysed?

Why is the data relevant to your research question?

How did you gather the data? Describe the sample period if relevant.

What analysis have you carried out?

Explain the reasons why your analytical techniques were the best way to address your research question.

Discuss any ethical issues connected to the research.

5. Findings and Discussion (600): present your findings (with paraphrased quotes, visualisations, tables if relevant).

6. Conclusion (600). What answer can you provide to your research question? How does this answer compare to existing research on the topic (do your findings align with existing research or does it suggest new