This assignment requires you to watch a video and apply the concepts covered in this section of the course on “comprehensive approach reduces local teen pregnancy.” I recommend that you watch the lecture for this module on teenage pregnancy before completing this assignment.

1. Watch the video below:

2. Review the document, Risk and Protective Factors , and the part of the lecture on teenage pregnancy risk and protective factors.

3. Complete the two items below and post your assignment to the turnitin portal (below).

  • Concisely summarize the video
  • Discuss how the intervention program described in the video addresses two of the risk factors or two of the protective factors discussed in the document or the lecture. Keep in mind that interventions are always set up to increase documented protective factors and/or decrease documented risk factors. Please also keep in mind that risk factors are different from negative outcomes as discussed in the lecture.

Essay format and should be between 300 to 400 words (at least 1 1/4 pages of double spaced text). A grading rubric will be used to determine your score and can be located in the “Rubrics” folder in the main menu.

Realities and risks of teenage pregnancy

Realities and risks of teenage pregnancy

Expert Answer:

This exciting video “Comprehensive approach reduces local teen pregnancy”, focuses on the approaches espoused by Oklahoma County to avert teenage pregnancy and assist high school students in improving their academic performance. The video features Katie Morgan that works in a program initiated by Grant in Oklahoma public high schools to combat the prevalence of teenage pregnancies. The program is part of a comprehensive strategy for curbing teen pregnancy in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 2018). The video describes some of the essential roles that Katie plays and the motivations that led to the program’s initiation. Katie underscores that the program appears to be making positive impacts. It has helped many teenagers with contraception solutions, navigate teenage pregnancy challenges, and honed those found pregnant with skills to balance teenage parenthood and their studies.  Teens that become pregnant face many challenges and are at risk of facing consequences that end up ruining their lives.

The intervention described in the video helps address several teenage pregnancy protective factors. One of the factors that the video described open communication with adults about accurate contraception use.  Katie, who works at the Capitol Hill high school under the U.S Grant high school program initiated by Oklahoma County, recounts that she helps students with answers about distinct contraception methods and helps keep them on track with their studies. This implies that she probably recommends the best contraception method to use or advises them to abstain or use protection if they must engage in sex…. read more or order you custom essay.