1.Case Study for Law of healthcare. Procedure. Who are the parties? Who brought the action? In what court did the case originate? Who won at the trial-court level? What is the appellate history of the case?

2. Facts. What are the relevant facts as recited by this court? Are there any facts that you would like to know but that are not revealed in the opinion?

3. Issues. What are the precise issues being litigated, as stated by the court? Do you agree with the way the court has framed those issues?

4. Holding. What is the court’s precise holding (decision)? What is its rationale for that decision? Do you agree with that rationale?

5. Implications. What does the case mean for healthcare today? What were its implications when the decision was announced? How should healthcare administrators prepare to deal with these implications? What would be different today if the case had been decided differently?

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