In your final project, you will combine the work done in Milestones One, Two, and Three and complete your business practice analysis, providing recommendations to Nimble Storage to adopt a more geocentric focus, since the organization has been operating under an ethnocentric approach. You will finalize your analysis of key concepts that have been explored in this course. As you work to finish your final project, be sure to apply the instructor feedback you have received on your milestones and gather the information according to the final project rubric.

Effective Onboarding Process

Building a strong onboarding process is the best way to welcome, and retain, new employees.

Final Submission: Business Practice Analysis with Recommendations In Module Nine, you will submit your final project. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. This submission will be graded with the Final Project Rubric. The Final Project Guidelines and Rubric have been attached and should be followed for this project.

Instructor Feedback-Milestone One:

Good assessment of Nimble’s current organizational practices and identification of gaps, as noted, in their technological implementation of an HRIS system.

Business Practice Analysis: Technological Tools and Structure:

Good recommendations for methods by which the technological structure and tools within Nimble could be improved.
Business Practice Analysis: Mission Statement:

Good assessment of Nimble’s mission statement, with identification of potential areas for improvement.
Articulation of Response:

Well written and well supported paper, written in accordance to APA formatting requirements.

Milestone Two:

Good discussion regarding gaps in Nimble’s current organizational practices that does a good job in describing how these gaps make it more difficult for Nimble to progress in a global market.
Business Practice Analysis: Business Practices:

The paper highlights areas where gains can be made in a global market, and supports the recommendations with examples and citations from credible sources.
Business Practice Analysis: Employee Collaboration:

Good discussion on the value of improving employee collaboration at Nimble, and how doing so could improve global competitiveness.
Recommendations: Interpersonal Relationships:

The discussion on improving interpersonal relationships is well done, discussing how doing so can help Nimble improve its geocentric focus, is well done and well supported.

Milestone Three:

The paper does a very good job in identifying and discussing critical success factors for transitioning from an ethnocentric approach to a geocentric one.
Business Practice Analysis: Political Trends:

Political trends are discussed well, with emphasis on possible risk events that the HRM functional group will need to address in the future