As you read the chapters assigned to each week, for BUSI604 International Business, you will find some concepts more interesting and applicable to your personal or work situation than others. Review the key terms listed in the assigned chapters; then, choose a key term that you wish to write on for your thread.

BUSI604 International Business

BUSI604 International Business

Include the exact key term you selected in your thread’s subject line.

Key Term Topic: Ethics with subtopic specifically corruption

Thread (600 words minimum)

After you have successfully chosen the key term that interests you the most, research a minimum of 5 recent international business/management articles that relate to the concept on which you wish to focus your research. Articles must be found in reputable professional and/or scholarly journals and/or business/trade journals that deal with the content of the course (i.e., not blogs, Wikipedia, newspapers, etc.). After reading the articles, select the 1 article that you wish to discuss.

It is highly recommended that you use Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Library online resources. A link is provided in the Discussion Assignment Resources. A librarian is available to assist you in all matters pertaining to conducting your research, including what constitutes a scholarly article.

Your thread must be placed in the Discussion textbox and adhere precisely to the following headings and format:

1.Key Term and Why You Are Interested in It (100 words minimum)

After reading the textbook, specifically state why you are interested in conducting further research on this key term (e.g., academic curiosity, application to a current issue related to employment, or any other professional rationale). Include a substantive reason, not simply a phrase.

2.Explanation of the Key Term (100 words minimum)

Provide a clear and concise overview of the essentials relevant to understanding this key term.

3.Major Article Summary (200 words minimum)

Using your own words, provide a clear and concise summary of the article, including the major points and conclusions.


In your own words, discuss each of the following points:

a.How the cited work relates to your above explanation AND how it relates specifically to the content of the assigned module. This part of your thread provides evidence that you have extended your understanding of this key term beyond the textbook readings. (100 words minimum)

b.How the cited work relates to the other 4 works you researched. This part of your thread provides evidence that you have refined your research key term to a coherent and specialized aspect of the key term, rather than a random selection of works on the key term. The idea here is to prove that you have focused your research and that all works cited are related in some manner to each other rather than simply a collection of the first 5 results from your Internet search. (100 words minimum)


A minimum of 3 recent articles (as described above), in current APA format, must be included and must contain persistent links so others may have instant access. In the event that formatting is lost or corrupted when submitting the thread, attach the Microsoft Word document to your thread as evidence that your work was completed in the proper format. Please see the appropriate instruction link in the Discussion Assignment Resources for more information on creating persistent links.

Instructor Key Points:

The rubric is broken into different categories, and grading criteria are provided in 3 different tiers for each category. The tiers are Advanced (far left), Proficient (Middle), and Developing (Right). You get the most points for meeting the minimum requirements for the Advanced tier, less points for meeting the minimum requirements for the Proficient tier, and still fewer points if you only meet the requirements for the Developing tier. If none of the requirements were met, or no assignment is submitted, it then gets 0 points. Within each tier is a range of points based upon the quality of the submission. If you simply meet the bare requirements for a tier (even the advanced tier) you will likely score towards the bottom of that range. If you wish to get a higher score, you must exceed the minimum requirements in some way. For instance, if in a post the requirements state that 300 words are necessary and you write 304 intelligible and instructive words in response, you will likely get a score in the advanced tier since you met the minimum requirement (assuming all other requirements were met) but towards the bottom of that tier. If you want a great score, or a perfect score, there is an expectation that you would exceed the base requirements and distinguish yourself in some way. This philosophy is relevant to all assignments. This does not mean you need to write 600 words to get a perfect score, however, barely meeting the base requirements is often times not sufficient to get a perfect score.

-Plagiarism – Plagiarism is a serious offense, even when unintentional. All assignments are checked for originality to ensure they have not been copied from the internet, referenced sources, or previous submissions. All work must be properly cited. If you have questions about how to reference work properly, paraphrasing, or using direct quotes please contact the Jerry Fallwell Library Writing Resource Center for assistance. You are not able to reuse other students work, or even your own work from previous semesters. All submission must be your own original submission.

  • Pay attention to the instructions. 5 Sources are necessary with references. Part of the instructions are unclear on this, but if you read them completely you will realize that the expectation is that you will use and reference FIVE separate journal articles or other scholarly sources.
  • You MUST use the headings specified in the instructions (including headings 4A and 4B) so that I can gauge the word count properly.
  • Your references must be in APA format. This means:
    • Every Word in the journal title should be capitalize and the title should be it italics.
    • Only the first word, proper nouns, and the first word after a punctuation should be capitalized in the journal article title.

    Textbook: International Business with Biblical Worldview, Brian C. Satterlee, Second Edition 2023

Requirements: 650 minimum