1. Discussion Thread: Bioecological Theory – Balance of Nature and Nurture

Bioecological Theory

Bioecological Theory

Atleast 400 words And response too 2 student atleast 250 word responsesecond one

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1. Discussion Thread: What is the Role of Literacy in the Content Classroom? You can also find other sources such as simple psychology to enrich your discussion

Atleast 400 words
And response too 2 student atleast 150-250 word response

Bronfenbrenner (1974) claimed most earlier studies were ‘unidirectional,’ meaning that the laboratory studies observed the influence of A on B (e.g., a stranger/mother with a child) rather than looking at the possible influence of the child on the stranger/mother, or any other third party’s influence.

Bronfenbrenner maintained that these laboratory features of research are not characteristic of environments that children actually live and develop in.

Bronfenbrenner recognized multiple aspects of a developing child’s life interact with and affects the child. His work looked beyond individual development, taking into account wider influencing factors and the context (or ecology) of development.