For this assignment, you will be analyzing the style of a video why American Farmers are Throwing Out Tons of Milk. Keep in mind that you should break down and explain the video’s visuals, soundtrack or effects, and narrator. In this case, you will be required to analyze “Why American Farmers are Throwing Out Tons of Milk,” which is produced by Vox. American farmers plights and challenges due to overproduction

American Farmers Throwing Out Tons of Milk

American Farmers Throwing Out Tons of Milk

Your essay should have an introduction, at least four body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Regarding the introduction, you need to mention the video’s title and its producers, and you need to explain the video’s purpose and intent. In other words, you must explain the video’s thesis. The thesis statement in your introduction should identify the different stylistic choices (visuals, sound, and narrator) and explain why the video relies on these choices to best deliver its purpose and intent. Please note: the thesis statement should be placed at the very end of your introduction.

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When you write your body paragraphs, you should focus on one thing at a time. For example, your first body paragraph can analyze the video’s narrator, the second one on the animation, the third one on the farmers being interviewed and framed by a laptop, and so forth. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence, what you are going to analyze. If your body paragraph is going to be an analysis of the video’s animation, then you need to write a topic sentence about the animation. The heart of the body paragraph must be devoted to referencing and describing certain scenes or sounds. When analyzing the narrator, you need to quote what the narrator says. Then you must explain how the style of the animation, for example, works by explaining how the details in the scene create this style and why. Please do not summarize. I do not want to know what happens in the video; I want to know how and why the video’s style works. You are not required to incorporate outside sources in your essay. However, if you do use information, definitions, or details taken from an outside source, you need to provide in-text citation in the paragraph and list the source(s) in a “Works Cited” page attached at the end of your essay. I will post short videos on how to do citation according to Modern Language Association (MLA) rules. There is one more thing to be aware of: your body paragraphs must tie back to your thesis statement. If I, your reader, cannot make the connection between your thesis statement and your body paragraphs, your essay becomes weaker.

As for the conclusion in your essay, you first need to re-state the thesis statement. It should be the first thing that I read. Though you should not literally re-state (i.e. copy and paste) your introduction’s thesis statement, the intro’s thesis statement and the re-stated thesis statement in your conclusion should mirror each other. What you write in the rest of your conclusion will be up to you. For example, you can summarize the body of your essay if that is what you have been taught to do. However, if you want to go a bit off topic and write about, say, how we should not expect all information, arguments, and lectures to be entertaining, then go right ahead. As long as you do not write a tiny paragraph for your conclusion, you should be fine. This tiny paragraph restriction also applies to the introduction.

To help you get a better idea about what I have outlined above, I encourage you to go over the sample paper that analyzes the style of “Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?” (plain version). Use it as a model. However, you cannot literally copy the sample paper. In other words, I do not want you to copy certain sentences and passages and simply switch out the title or certain words. Please remember: if you do copy the sample paper too closely, you are essentially plagiarizing.


  • Your essay must be typed and evenly double-spaced. Your font should be “Times New Roman” and no bigger than 12 points.
  • Please type your name, my name, English 101, and the due date on the upper left-hand corner of the first page. This essay must also have a title, and please be creative. DO NOT use “Why American Farmers are Throwing Out Tons of Milk” as the title of your essay.
  • Your essay must be three full pagesI’m sorry, but I cannot accept anything less. Otherwise, I will have to grade you down. DO NOT “pad” the essay with large margins or large spaces between paragraphs.